“When did you become such a fun-guy?” deflating a bully

One of the best ways to disrupt bullying and teasing is to ask a question that invites the other party to try to make sense. Since teasing is just a way for them to get off, they are not going to make much sense, trust me.    I recommend questions that expose that immature selfish motive.     The most important thing is to keep them talking and trying to explain themselves. When they get confused, and they will, help them out by just being kind and letting them know that they don’t have to answer right now -maybe some other time after they have given it some thought. Don’t turn into the dick that they were being. It can be tempting though 🙂

Here are some questions to get them talking. You may only have to ask one of them. The less you talk the better. Let them squirm until you feel it is appropriate to help them have a soft landing as they are spinning around in a disoriented state since you killed their buzz

I’d like to ask you a question, ok?

If no, then sayYou must have better things to do than deal with me. See ya. “

If yes, then ask:

How fun is this for you?

If they try to deny that this is about having fun – then ask this:

What makes it important to you to do this then? “

Who does it benefit?”

Who will suffer if you stop?

If they say it is fun, ask them this:

When did you become such a fun loving guy?

What do you really like about it?

What else do you like about it?

What would make it more fun?

if they answer “I don’t know” or ‘maybe’ at any time – you got ’em – they have lost their way.



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