If this is so great, then why aren’t you rich? We are rich, next question please.

If you truly master the art and science of negotiation, you will get full price if you have something of value to offer. If you don’t have something of value to offer, you may be in the wrong business so you still need to be able negotiate your way to something else. Even when you have something of value to offer and you don’t want money, just to be heard, that doesn’t often work out so well either. If you are doing ok and wonder what the fuss is all about  – there is no fuss and the fact that you think so points to……you. But it points even more to me if I am failing to convey a sincere interest in your world and your benefit. How could you know I am sincere? You can’t.  One way to find out, contact me… and yet I promote  a negotiation system that claims that  safest decision for you to make is no. What happens after you say , “No, I am not going to contact this guy. ” ? You will justify your decision. And if any of the problems that keep you reading remain, you will certainly make more decisions to solve them or cope with them. Your intellect will accept or reject those decisions based on results. And if those results do not satisfy you, today, tomorrow, in several months or even years … maybe YOU WILL REMEMBER ME! 🙂 I will be here, inviting you again,  to be in touch with me and let me help you investigate this negotiation ‘thing’  and see if it fits for you.

All the best,

Wim Chase        Academic Coach at the Camp Negotiation Institute




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