How can we improve as therapists?

I would point to the importance of what goes into making decisions. From what I have been studying, all decisions are 100% emotional with vision until the decision is reached. After it is reached, our emotions calm and our intellect kicks in and tries to justify the decision. If intellect fails to justify it, we go back into the emotion with vision mode and make another decision.

If we confuse learning with justifying, then aren’t we limiting our learning? But if we keep making decisions to become clearer about the detail as well as breadth of the vision relevant to our aim , we learn more about how to navigate the real terrain toward our aim. We may make 10 ‘wrong decisions’, but we can often get closer to what we want that way than we might making one ‘right’ decision’ . We become more and more effective as we keep making decisions. Clients become more effective that way too.

Decisions about aims are challenging in themselves.

What is going on with you as you face the decision to leave a comment? Is it emotional or intellectual? back and forth between the two? is it simply no easily justified by you to you? No feels safer, often. Maintains the status quo.

What do we as therapists need to see even more clearly in the decision-making process than we do now to more effectively help our clients move toward their aims?


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