Like Winston Churchill said about Britain and America, you and I are countries separated by a common language

Winston Churchill said that Britain and America were two countries separated by a common language.  Using the same terms does not equal agreement on their meaning.  As individuals, we too are often separated by a common language.

I love you.

Do we agree on the meaning of love?  It may not matter if you and I agree, I  am just some blogging guy. How important might that be to us though –  to know that the person we are saying that to, or who says that to us, is at least in same ballpark as we are from a meaning standpoint? 

What does David Lee Roth of Van Halen say about love?

Ain’t talkin’ ’bout love! My love is rotten to the core” 

See how maddening this can be – we live in a semantic minefield. Is it any wonder that our world has problems?

So what is the solution? For me, when you are dealing with efforts to make agreements, you are talking about negotiation.

David Lee Roth’s words from that song are his reflections on a negotiation for something he wanted. Sex.  He never uses the term,  sex, but he is very clear that he is not talking about love. 

Now you may not agree with my definition of negotiation.  You may think solutions  lie elsewhere – love, God…

Negotiation as a concept usually brings up a lot of negative associations with other terms like compromise, bargaining, politics, litigation, boring, soulless, etc

But a decontamination process around the concept of negotiation and its uses exists! I think it may be as  important to humanity as the discovery of hand washing was to preventing infection and fatality in surgical patients. But who wants to admit that they are dirty in some way? If you live in a dirty environment, and don’t have access to soap, you are not to blame. Nonetheless, if someone says you have dirt on your face and offers you soap, and you  ignore them,  it would be only fair for you to accept some blame for the consequences .  

So what do you do now? Read Jim Camp – he is the soap – you have to bring the water.  

Easy , right 🙂

No – hard.



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