Leadership, management, and team building trainers go to negotiation trainers when they are ready to get paid

Words like leadership really excite Americans, maybe because of our history of rugged individualism. Our ancestors were people who did not negotiate, at least in our minds, they took the bull by the horns and left everything and started a new life in America.  

This is so appealing in so many ways – clean breaks, not messy like negotiation is seen to be. We also like the word manage. Clean – intellectual.  We like team  too – the product of a negotiation, and the messy disagreements at least appear to be resolved while we call ourselves a team.

Enter the word negotiation.  Falls kind of flat – doesn’t it?  or icky?

Take a deep breath.

It is time for you to forget everything you think you know about negotiation.

Go to this website and watch the video. I show up at the end.   www.campnegotiationinstitute.com

Negotiation training at the Camp Negotiation Institute provides tremendous advantage to those who put in the work. The products I have purchased have more than paid for themselves simply because I have become better at negotiating through the Camp system. Money is just a tip of the iceberg in terms of the benefit it has brought me, my clients, and my family.

Read Jim’ s book, or download the free audiobook.

If you want to jump right in – I can coach you through the first two courses – just mention my name.

And if you are just too busy,  you really ought to take a look, because even reading/ hearing a couple of chapters in the book will sharpen your  saw so that you can make faster progress on the pile of wood that is looming over you.

If you have questions call me at (401-996-6198) or email me at wchase5@yahoo.com


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