How I try to put myself in the best position possible to help therapy clients

The more interested I am in how my therapy clients see their world – the higher my SRS scores seems to go. (The SRS is a brief scale that I have clients fill out to rate how well I did helping them  in the session.)  I try to avoid talking as much as I can without seeming disinterested because I want to hear how they see things. When I introduce something new to their world that I think may help, like a question or an idea,  I only do so because their response to it gives me even more of an understanding of how they see their world. This focus never fails to put me in the best position possible to help clients.  I am very interested in anything that helps me maintain this focus more consistently – specifically , I want to choose the right therapist activity and behavior to keep my focus consistently on the client’s way of seeing things in their world.

To a non-therapist, it sounds obvious , but therapists get all caught up in discussions and debates about factors that really don’t help them focus on how clients see things. How else do clients make decisions other than based on how they see things? So  obvious yet so easy to miss, especially since we therapists are as enamored of how we see things as anybody else, making it hard to take our eyes of our selves.

Anyone care to share what activity and behavior they employ to raise the consistency of their focus on how clients see their world? I’d like to hear from therapists and anyone who has experience with therapy.

And actually, this doesn’t just apply to therapy. So , that would be interesting to discuss too.


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