Motorcyclist threatened to kill me the other day

I was in a car behind this guy on a motorcycle at a red light. when he turned around and yelled that if I moved forward anymore he was going to kill me.  I felt anger, not fear. I kept my mouth shut though.  It was comparable to a guy bringing a knife to a gun fight.  A 90 year old lady in a car having a heart attack is going to prevail over the baddest toughest motorcyclist on the planet.

He was unhappy with how close I was to him at a stop light. I thought I was fine, but maybe I need to begin to recognize how jittery motorcyclists really are on the road despite their tough reputations. They are extremely vulnerable, and they are wise to be extra careful in a world dominated by cars.   I plan to give motorcyclists more than the 5 feet I gave this guy from now on.   

But I just hope that the next motorcyclist who is unhappy with me just calls me a douchebag or something, because when he  threatens to kill me, it occurs to a guy like me who generally doesn’t think homicidal thoughts, that I will certainly kill him first if need be.  I promise.  

Happy riding 🙂


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