Which abilties do you want to develop?

When you are in your 40’s like me, it begins to seem like developing your abilities is a luxury. We were expected to develop our abilities when we were younger.  Parents and others would want us to obsess over developing ourselves, but now we have no one yapping in our ear. We are yapping in our children’s ears now. What kind of example are we setting if we don’t invest in ourselves throughout our lives. it hurts our credibility when we are trying to ‘motivate’ people.

So I have picked an ability to develop, and I have gotten to the point where I can offer some preliminary guidance in you developing that same ability.

What ability am I talking about?

The one that helps you convince the other decision makers in your life that you are still worth investing in – negotiation.

I work for  www.campnegotiationinstitute.com – it is our mission to provide world citizens the ability to negotiate agreements that are ethical, profitable and stable.

If you had the support of just one person for developing an ability – what would that mean to you? How do you get that support?

See what I’m saying.? It was a given when we were young, we had that support. Now we have to negotiate for it.   You might want to think about starting to develop an ability and see what happens after  a week passes.  If  you are still not investing in developing your abilities., have the courage to look at the possibility that you are failing because you are a weak negotiator.

Then do something about it or not.



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