You get upset. Willpower doesn’t fix it. What’s the real problem?

You get upset. You want  to feel better. What do you do? Drink. Smoke. Eat. Yell. Cry. Vent. Watch TV. Sleep. Shop.  ????

What gets you upset? Other people mostly. Some kind of disagreement. Big , small, medium.

They just don’t understand, or they do understand and don’t seem to care.

You try to explain it to them. It works sometimes.

So what else is there to do? Read a self-help book. You try to fix yourself.

But what if there is nothing wrong with you? What if there is nothing wrong with them?

What if you are just missing some information about how to put together more productive agreements with people – your kids, spouses, colleagues, bosses, customers, coaches, teachers?

This information I am writing about happens to be available.  Be warned though, the effort you are putting forth to get a hold of your emotions will look different from anything you recognize,   very different.


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