The Killer Instinct’s Place in Negotiation

I have been observing that we have two paths in life when it comes to our desires and human interaction.

  Here is one sequence:

 Desire    >>>>>   Expectation    >>>>>>  Demand   >>>>>>Violence

  This sequence may evolve over a lifetime, or take seconds.  It may not always reach violence stage or even the demand stage. Too often it does though, and sometimes the violence is only evident in the harm to our health that the stress of this path creates.  If only we could become better at smelling the smoke of those coming fires.  Instead, seems we have to get burned by them a few times to consider the other option.  Many of us carry the scars from these burns , if not ongoing painful wounds.

Here is the other sequence:

 Desire   >>>>> Decision to Negotiate

 At Camp, you learn to kill your expectations. This is the first step to learning to negotiate in the Camp system.   KILL YOUR EXPECTATIONS.  As Jim Camp notes in his book, humans are a predator species, not a prey species. Our eyes point forward like a tiger, not to the side like a deer.  So it is not a matter of whether we kill in life, but a matter of what we kill.   There is no compromise on this point about killing, however unsettling it might be.  You are on one path or the other as outlined above, and your prey will vary according to which path, but you can’t run from being a predator at some level if you are a human being.  Something must die if we are going to eat.  At Camp, we accept this, and we have decided that our prey consists of our expectation that we know what is going to happen. Once free of expectations, we put ourselves in a position to re-react within the Camp System to move toward what we want rather than react and fight toward what we expect or demand.

So if we seem aggressive at times at Camp – it is because we are when it is required.  Camp poses a real threat to your expectations and assumptions.  We aim to prepare you to deal with a lot of other predators out there, so it can get tough.

What do you expect?   😉


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