All We Are Saying Is Give Peace a Chance ….at the Camp Negotiation Institute   This song was written during Lennon’s bed-in honeymoon: when asked by a reporter what he was trying to achieve by staying in bed, Lennon answered, “ All we are saying is give peace a chance.” Lennon liked the phrase and set it to music for this song.

So a bed-in isn’t practical for all of us. What else can we do to give peace a chance?  Vietnam Vet Jim Camp might not seem like the likely alternative to many. Based on the titles, Start With No and No, Jim Camp’s books may seem like they are looking for a confrontation or a show down, something really intense. This really is the not the case. The Camp system of negotiation is designed to put you in a position to relieve pressure in any negotiation situation for you and your adversary. All the behaviors you learn allow you to release this pressure.

In any negotiation, you are trying to build an agreement. But when the momentum starts in the negotiation, and pressure mounts, it is vitally important to have a way to slow down and increase safety for you and the opposing party.  In my opinion, one of the Camp negotiation system’s greatest contributions to the study of human interaction is its discovery of the means to relax and remain calm in situations where emotions tend to run high. In what area of your life can you be effective if you can’t stop, slow down, and take a break?  For example, try removing the brakes from a car and see what happens. It will not be effective as a means of transportation if you can’t stop, slow, down, and let it not run some of the time.

This advanced ability to relieve pressure happens to allow the Camp system to be so highly effective at doing the most arduous and intense work in a negotiation: seeing and uncovering serious problems that arise in negotiations, and building solutions to those problems. Lots of endurance required, as well as sprinting ability. Rejuvenation and ‘adrenaline management’ are what make it all possible.

Not likely to become a hit pop single, but how could I not say it:

All we are saying is give Camp a chance……




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