If you must be anxious, be so in your preparation, and treat game day like your day off

My daughter has her driver’s test in about one hour from the time of my writing this post. I have been her teacher and I can’t say I have always been a patient as I could have been. But she has put in a lot of time and effort and she is ready. She is nervous and that is normal. I do wish I could teach her and everyone who cares to listen what I have learned from Camp. Any performance event, including my daughter’s test today, is not what should worry you. What should worry you, what should absorb your adrenaline induced energy, is the preparation for the performance event. If you put your energy there, and let game day take care of itself, you will have your best chance to have a good outcome.

My daughter may fail today. If she does, I will still be proud of the work she has put into becoming a competent driver because that is what really matters.

Legendary coach Vince Lombardi said it well, “Winning isn’t everything, the will to prepare to win is everything.”  

Please share your thoughts.

William Chase

PS. Update. She passed 🙂


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