Got the negotiation giggles?

Yesterday, Josie (6 yo) and Clara Rose (4 yo) came to me and claimed that the other had wronged them. They were both mad. They wanted me to resolve it. I have posted about similar situations. This time, I told them to stand about 5 feet away from each other facing each other and to work it out. Five feet keeps them out of hitting range, and I had them hand me any projectiles they might throw at each other. Safety first. They were dumbstruck for about 5 seconds and then they started giggling. Problem solved, or at least forgotten. They resumed playing.

Was this a negotiation? By definition, a negotiation is two or more parties making an effort to reach an agreement, each having the right to veto. They certainly had a disagreement about how to handle a situation. They wanted me to agree with one of them and impose a solution. Without saying it directly I effectively told them no. I have fallen for this trap in the past. It always leaves one or both of them feeling like they got the short end of the stick. I didn’t even want to know the details, and I wasn’t going to impose anything. They now had to reach an agreement on their own or walk away from each other. They may not have agreed as to who was at fault in the situation, but they agreed to go play again even though not a word was spoken between them, just giggles.

Go here to see these giggling little girls

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