PCOMS now a SAMSHA evidence-based practice

Hi Everyone!

Consumer privilege, partnership, and outcome accountability scored a victory today! The Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS), as disseminated by the Heart and Soul of Change Project, is now included in the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices (NREPP). PCOMS incorporates the most robust predictors of therapeutic success into an outcome management system that partners with clients while honoring the daily pressures of front-line clinicians. www.heartandsoulofchange.com

The NREPP process is an arduous one that includes both a research and dissemination review. All three randomized clinical trials (RCTs) that enabled our application for evidence based practice status were conducted by Partners of the Heart and Soul of Change Project. We are committed to the ideas of client feedback and outcome management and to the values of consumer privilege, partnership, and service accountability, and we put our efforts in proving that a value-based client feedback system can really make a difference. When Morten Anker and I were first talking about the design of the first RCT, the Norway Feedback Trial, back in 2005, the possibility of PCOMS attaining EBP status was born. In many ways, I knew that that we could talk about these ideas and values, even though they were well supported by empirical evidence, until we were blue in the face, but that they would never be widely disseminated until we attained RCT credibility. And with this SAMHSA designation, we have accomplished this in spades.


A great stride in empowering consumers to have a voice in their own recovery and partnership in decisions about their care has happened—our goal from the very beginning. Thanks to all those who made the RCTs happen, including but not limited to the Norway Outcome King, Morten Anker (and Geir Skauli, Berger Hareide, Ann Kristin Stapnes , leaders at Bufetat who helped make the project happen), the University of Kentucky superstar, Jeff Reese (and coauthors: Larry Norsworthy, Steve Rowlands, Michael Toland, and Norah Slone), and the irrepressible client and social justice advocate, Jacqueline Sparks.


Thanks also to those who have successfully implemented PCOMS and CDOI in the real world and made the research palpable where it matters most. Bob Bohanske, Mary Haynes, and Dave Claud believed in these ideas and values long before the RCTs. They implemented PCOMS/CDOI in large public agencies, and proved that it made a significant difference in not only outcomes but in efficiency as well (see Bob’s chapter in The Heart and Soul of Change for details). Without these pioneers of major implementation, who had the vision to bring the ideas and values to fruition, none of this would have been possible.


Check it out at the NREPP Web site.




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