Proof of the transferability of correct mindset to success across disparate human performance efforts

 I looked up the word ‘mindset’ in the dictionary and it is defined as a mental attitude or inclination. I like the word ‘ inclination’. It has its roots in the word ‘incline’ which has a visual and tactile feel for me. Momentum in negotiation comes from the incline which we who are schooled in the Camp system set up so that benefit can flow toward the adversary – ever tilting one’s activity and behavior to the benefit of the adversary. Maybe it starts as a trickle, but it can keep coming and growing because we have correctly set the incline of our mind. Our neediness, born of habit, is the shakiness that upsets our correct setting of the incline, and we desperately try to lap up a few trickles for ourselves, rendering ourselves useless while we do it. But fortunately we are always a decision away from correctly resetting our incline. I went to a basketball camp as a kid and was lucky enough to hear Larry Bird talked to us about passing. Some of you may recall that he was a tremendous passer. He said to us it is always a mistake on YOUR part if your teammate doesn’t catch a pass you threw. Catching a pass is a skill too, of course, but his point was to stay focused on coming to know your teammate better and what kinds of passes they could handle. Larry had the correct mindset as a passer, and he has continued his success in the business of basketball.


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