5 1/2 takeaway lessons from studying negotiation

  1. I am always a decision away from getting back on track, no matter how bleak it feels.
  2. Decisions are 100 % emotional until the decision is reached, and my emotion will only calm down enough to see more clearly if the decision was right or wrong after I make the decision. That’s life – no way out of having to jump in the water if you want  to swim.
  3. Jim Camp’s  system is based on mission and purpose which is always  designed to benefit the adversary, not me. Trying to master this system has really caused me to be confronted with my own selfishness and laziness in all its guises.  I require a system like Jim’s to overcome this problem.  left to myself – I am all about myself, sadly – a pathetic but true takeaway lesson.
  4. The first 5 minutes of doing preparation for a negotiation sucks, like the first 5 minutes of  exercise  sucks, but it pays off. It is like I am stiff and rigid in my focus on myself – and I have to stretch my stubborn mental muscles to get into the adversary’s world.
  5. Journaling regularly about my ups and downs, and asking for help when necessary without neglecting to do what I can do for myself first, are critical to my success as a starting negotiation coach and negotiator.


5½    This is the hardest thing I have ever chosen to learn how to do by far.


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