Would you tell me my fly is down, or give me other bad news I need to hear?

If you want to grow, you need to have people in your life who will tell you when you are full of shit or just totally missing the mark. So often we tell ourselves we are doing our best, and we really aren’t. But our egos are very convincing.

If you really want to avoid being full of shit, start interviewing people for the job of telling you. Actually, try to find about 50 people across the spectrum of  your life who at least know you want them to tell you you are full of shit or just sucking real bad.

You need a posse of credible people there to help you keep humble and growing.

So , reader, please tell me when you think something I’ve written is just crap – real evidence that I am full of shit. I’d be honored to have you in my posse.




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