Baggage and Negotiation – A Camp Coach Conversation

Santhosh Ebroo

Baggage causes mistrust, suspicion, cynicism, ill will, inflamed/frozen emotions, hyper-reactiveness, skews judgment, and compromises effective decision making. It makes you see the other as a threat, not a respected opponent. If baggage exists in a negotiation, it must be converted to a problem that stands in the way of agreement, and that problem must be solved – calmly, confidently, and effectively. This can take time, effort, and money. A negotiation bogged down by baggage is going nowhere. Wherever it does go is likely to be a place that will be the venue for even more grief

Allan Tsang

Allan Tsang Baggage can definitely affect a negotiation in a negative way, undermining it and/or causing it to shut down.


    Santhosh Ebroo Santhosh Ebroo When baggage is present, it is what builds the vision driving the negotiation. If it is not engaged calmly, nurturingly, respectfully, and truthfully, and if the decisions, behaviours, actions, and activities that caused it to arise, and those that.. are required to negotiate it away are not identified (and negotiated), the entire negotiation is dead on arrival


    Wim Chase Wim Chase I have been very interested in this part of our Checklist lately. Baggage blinds us, and ego/pride makes us want to give it much more prestigious names than ‘baggage’ so we defer to it rather than engage with it effectively. I find that  in a heartbeat my baggage will put me in that most dangerous of all places mentally, not knowing I am in a negotiation when I am.


    Santhosh Ebroo Santhosh Ebroo You are so right. To discover exactly the causes and sources of the baggage, discover and help the adversary discover a negotiated solution to baggage demonstrates true mastery. Our “default” mode as human beings appears to be that of worsening and and deepening baggage.

  • Wim Chase Wim Chase: “Default” mode describes it well. It is our baggage after all, no one can take it away from us, so it seems safe, as delusional as that may be in reality. The outcome of our negotiations does not hold that certainty at all.

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