Thoughts on George Zimmerman’s true intentions the day he shot Treyvon Martin

 I’d like to say the following to George Zimmerman:

“When you follow a stranger, you know you  are going to be seen as a threat. It is reasonable for them to be afraid of you. You know it is also reasonable for them  to choose  force to end the threat. You know that may happen. And if it does, if you have a gun, to defend yourself, you know you will shoot the person you followed and scared to the point  that they assaulted you. You had to know ahead of time that you would shoot them if they defended themselves  from a threat any reasonable person would feel in the situation you put them in by following them.  But were you really interested in safety, in defending yourself,  when you decided to follow them? Of course not. If you weren’t interested in safety, what motivated your decision? You wanted something else. You must have. You wanted to scare them,  and if they didn’t  run away or stand down, but dealt with the threat they felt with force,  you planned to shoot them . Why else would you follow a stranger with a gun other than to be  absolutely sure you would  get them to submit  to your will for them?  There was an easy way and a hard way,and it turned out to be the hard way,  but you were going to get your way George,  no matter what,  that day.  You were tired of feeling like a victim.  You had had it.  ”

Is there any reasonable doubt that GZ was aware of all of the above. None at all. He knew all that I just wrote beyond a reasonable doubt. Anyone knows this stuff beyond a reasonable doubt. It is common sense.  That is why only predators  follow strangers. Regular folk never follow strangers.

 The victim mentality turns people into predators. That’s what  it did to George Zimmerman.


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