A new stress reducing App that makes both thrill and calm possible in the toughest business and personal situations you face



Bigger Commissions – Increased Margins – Greater Market Share


Negotiator-Pro is the most complete negotiation platform in the world. By delivering total control you always know the next step in any negotiation maximizing your opportunity for success. It’s a C-Suite’s secret weapon and a sales-teams’s best friend.

  • STRATEGY: The Negotiator-Pro structure gives you the perfect guidance of what must happen next so you are never guessing. You are always in control.
  • EXECUTION: Execute high-level negotiations as you learn. Experience the thrill and calm of being in a tough negotiation and knowing exactly what to do next.
  • TRAINING: From the moment you log into Negotiator-Pro, 3-minute videos will instruct you every step of the way as you build your very first project and checklist.

Negotiator-Pro powered by Salesforce:

Over the last 27 years under strict confidentiality agreements, the Negotiator-Pro system has been coaching negotiations with amazing results.

It is not uncommon for a coached trial to produce ROI of 500% or more.

You can now choose between a 30-day and a 60-day coached trial to decide if a long-term commitment to Negotiator-Pro is right for your team.

No need for a full-year commitment.


Call 1-888-287-4524 or visit Negotiator-Pro.com and schedule a “Strategy Session”!!

Contact Information


Support – Provided between 7am – 9pm Eastern Standard Time (US)Premium Support Available – Individual cases will be evaluated and pricing to be agreed upon.

Terms and Conditions

Package Details: 
An app can be an unmanaged or managed package. Unmanaged packages are templates that allow you to see and change the underlying code, but cannot be upgraded. Managed packages are maintained by the app provider and can be easily upgraded. Additionally, managed packages don’t count against the custom app, tab and object limits for your Salesforce, allowing you to install more apps regardless of your Salesforce edition.
Both unmanaged and managed packages can be Native Apps. These apps are built and run entirely on the Force.com Platform, providing benefits such as consolidated reporting capabilities through Salesforce.
  • Name: Negotiator-Pro
  • Version: May 2013 / 1.1.0
  • Type: Managed Package
The number of custom objects, tabs and apps used in the application. These count against your Salesforce edition-based system limits unless the application is a managed package.
  • Custom Objects: 7
  • Custom Tabs: 2
  • Custom Applications: 1
Salesforce Editions

Enterprise, Unlimited, Force.com



Industry Solutions

Information not provided

Other System Requirements



While salesforce.com periodically conducts security reviews of publicly listed AppExchange apps, it is important that customers understand the security and architectural implications of installing third-party applications with access to data.


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