The RADD solution gets at the root of anger – Four Steps

Any solution to the very tough problem of anger can’t be either overly simple or complicated. Building on Dr. Carl Semmelroth’s work, I came up with four steps that resulted in an acronym that I hope will help users get to the root of the anger problem. RAD(D) is short for ‘radical’ which also means ‘root’. RAD(D) also refers to something kind of cool and appealing in a way that startles you, though it was in more common use in the 80’s. I hope RADD helps you and your clients break your anger trance and make progress in being more calm, confident and effective. It is well worth the effort. Memorize it and be RADD 😉


Recognition of the anger you feel

Acceptance that you are mentally impaired when angry

Determination to solve the problem that provoked the anger later when you are unimpaired

Diversion of your thinking from ‘fuel for anger thoughts’ to anything else until you are unimpaired (15 minutes)


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