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Remedy to the pain of indecision

June 24, 2015

Before you can decide on something, you must be able to visualize it some detail.  Being indecisive is painful, so we want to get out of that pain. The problem for many of this is that we don’t have the tools or mindset to discover the real details to complete the vision, so we fill them in from our past experience or ‘good judgement’  so we can make a decision and feel better.

Patience is key, as is a willingness to embark on discovery. At some level you need to simply be curious. Nurture your own curiosity, and be steadfast with it even in the presence of the curiosity killer – fear.

Fear is almost inevitable if you are just waiting around in the dark and not doing the work of discovery.

Make the decision to discover.

Ask questions. Observe. Take notes so you don’t forget!

Doing so will soothe your fear, and move you toward your best decisions possible.

Getting it wrong is just another discovery on the way to getting it right.



The only good news you need today

June 21, 2015

A lot to digest here, so take in each sentence slowly. One a day is probably best:


-If we expect things or need things to be perfect  or even ‘to our liking’ , we have created a certain plan for a very unhappy life.

-We don’t come to God by eliminating our imperfection, but by rejoicing in it because it makes us aware of our need for God’s mercy and love and it keeps us humble.

-The spirituality of poverty is the recognition  that myself, by itself, is powerless and ineffective.

-Within the spirituality of imperfection, the quickest ticket to enlightenment is calmly acknowledged littleness. Then you have nothing to prove, protect, or promote. The ego resists , but the soul knows.

Richard Rohr


– You can show your love to others by not wishing they should be better.

-We must bear patiently not being good….and not being thought good.

St Francis of Assisi


-Patience is being patient with your patience.

Idries Shah


Let go of the need to think well of yourself and your situation.

Let go of the need for peace, over and over, and a deeper and broader peace than you can imagine will come to possess you.




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