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Communication Idolatry

December 31, 2015


Here is what I notice people do instead of converse:













I am sure you can think of more.

Conversation includes –



requests for a yes or no to go in a certain direction


I find that if a conversation does not set up any of the items on the first list via an agreement – then communication goes poorly. It is almost like communication idolatry to so. In an established healthy relationship or friendship, that ‘agreement’ can be a simple nod or gesture know only to the two parties. The main point is that the agreement must be there or you are throwing mud at the wall.

And a lot people enjoy doing that – making mud pies and throwing them. Nothing wrong with that in many contexts.

People often sense the bullshit even if they stay polite during the interaction where the idolatry has taken place, and if they don’t sense it, they are usually very easy to manipulate. The agreement needs to give some predictability to what is going to happen for involved parties. Even insults can work in that context and not disrupt progress.

So what I think what we can offer, and not even under the title of ‘coach’ or ‘therapist’, is an ability to identify what is happening when there is an interaction between two people. If someone shares an exchange they had with some with us, using the system we can know right away what is missing.

Listen in on social media and blog ‘conversations’, or just ordinary in-person ones.    See what you observe.



ISIS, measles, and the new front in the battle against mind manipulation

February 22, 2015

ISIS can only exist when a critical mass of people are susceptible to mind manipulation. The photos on the news of those 3 British teen girls on their way to join ISIS are truly bone chilling. Susceptibility to mind manipulation is nothing new, nore are its horrific consequences.  I see the current crises as an outcome of a sort of epidemic of psychological immunodeficiency. Why don’t we eradicate this susceptibility in everyone like we eradicated small pox? We practically eradicated measles in the US but our suscpetibility to mind manipulation allowed it to come back as a real and present danger. We can no longer just dismiss our own vulnerability to it by saying it just happens to the stupid or weird elements of our society. The sad thing is that we already have the knowledge to prevent mind manipulation. We came about this knowledge when so many American Korean War POWs were brainwashed by the Chinese compared to other nationalities that the phenomenon was able to be identified and properly studied and understood. The military learned from it and fixed it. We need to teach those skills to everyone, especially our youth. It ought  to become a worldwide public health campaign with special emphasis on vulnerable peopulations. We can’t wait on the current power structure to do it, especially when they are often so dependent on mind manipulation themselves.

Each of us can start now with a simple internet search. For tweens and up I recommend What’s the Catch: How to avoid getting hooked and manipulated by Denise Winn. For adults try The Manipulated Mind by Denise Winn or Battle for the Human Mind: A physiology of conversion and brainwashing – How Evengelists, Politicians, Psychiatrists, and Medicine Men can change your beliefs and behavior by William Sargeant.

Please share this  blog post. We are at war. I don’t think that overstates it.

Je suis Wim Chase

January 11, 2015

Just be yourself.  

Defend everyone’s right to do the same as long as they are not violating 6-10 of the Ten Commmandments.

1-4 of the ten commandments are  personal and social development recommendations.

They seem to become dangerous to the human psyche and human communities when not taken together with 6-10.

I think they actually simply point  you should aim to do the best you can by holding to the highest standard in ALL things.  Why have low standards when you can have high ones?

If you believe that there is a highest that preceeds and exceeds reality – you can call that Reality and try to make it the one thing you remember as often as you can.

That effort is religious effort – available to all of us, even if prefer to remove the R and make it an r.



or rrrrrrrrrr

Whatever or WhateveR…





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