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Why ‘Diddly’?

August 21, 2008

I don’t know why I chose ‘diddly’ as the title to this blog, but I diddly, so that’s where it stands. I usually only use this word  when I say “diddlysquat”, which refers to such a meager amount of something that it isn’t worth mentioning. So that is as good a reason as any not to analyze it too much.

I also have to give props to Bo Diddley, who died this year at the age of 79 of heart failure. I wish I could say he inspired this blog, but that would be a damn diddly lie. I read that Mr. Diddley resented the fact that he was copied by so many and didn’t get paid. He was given a flat fee for his recordings,  but not royalties. He is described as being ornery, funny, and utterly original. Sounds like a perfect formula for a blog.

 Check out these lyrics. You are bound to recognize them when you get to the end:

I got 47 miles of barbed wire/ I use a cobra snake for a necktie/ i got a brand new house by the roadside/ Made from rattlesnake hide/ I got a brand new chimney on top/ Made from a human skull/ Now come on, baby, take a walk with me now/And tell me, who do you love?

How do you touch that? Maybe ‘diddly’ was no accident, and I left out the ‘e’ to remind myself that imitating others may make you money but not much else.

Now take a walk with me now/ And tell me who do you love?


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