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Here is a prospecting letter that I have settled on

June 10, 2012

Check it out:

Hi Reader,

 I wanted you to know that I have taken a position as an academic coach at the Camp Negotiation Institute,   a new direction for me.

 I am contacting you so that the next time you might stress out about or walk away disappointed from an effort to reach an agreement personally or professionally, you will have a new option in your possession.  


 Wim   (search author Jim Camp)

 (401) 996-6198

So what do you think of it? I wrote a lot of drafts and I was trying too hard to be clever. This draft was short and succinct, and I think it gets across exactly what I want to bring to the reader, a new option to solve a problem that arises for all of us. It came to me  that I had to be more concise after talking to a friend about opening emails at work. Who wants to read clever wordy emails at work?

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